The Initiative for a New International Order is started by the International Relations Bureau of Vatan (Patriotic) Party (Turkey).

The main aim of Vatan Party is to complete the Kemalist Revolution; to restructure the national state on the basis of independence and people’s rule; and to form a free, enlightened, modern and wealthy society. Vatan Party adheres to the foreign policy of peaceful cooperation on the basis of respect for equality, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference and mutual interest, and follows Atatürk’s principle of “Peace in the Country, Peace in the World”. It attaches a special importance to cooperation with all the Eurasian countries. Starting already in the 1990’s, it has organized several international and national symposia to strengthen solidarity among the Eurasian countries and parties under the name Workers’ Party at that time.

The Initiative for a New International Order (NINTO) aims to provide an effective interaction ground for building up a new international order. The current symposium is meant as a first step to that end. As we also adhere to the principle of “development by sharing”, we will continue to share this platform with the participants of the NINTO Symposium in its aftermath as well and keep it open to everyone who wishes to contribute to a fair international order.